Joel Montgomery at Copan Ruins

I believe that each person in this world has a unique set of passions and gifts. Discovering and leveraging those passions and gifts leads to a life of meaning and impact.

My own journey began on an airplane to San Jose, Costa Rica after finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree at Yale University. I embraced the Latin culture and Spanish language, all the while falling in love with the world.

After returning to the U.S., I joined a packaging machinery manufacturer as the Director of Latin American Sales. I managed a territory of more than 25 countries less than two years out of college. While I gained considerable financial success, something was missing. I hungered for more significance in my work and began a quest to discover how to leverage business to affect real change within the world.

My quest brought me to Thunderbird School of Global Management where I honed my business skills surrounded by like-minded business professionals from across the globe. At Thunderbird, I realized the traditional aid model for international development was broken and gravitated towards models that better leveraged the power of business. After graduation, I joined one of the leading impact investors, Acumen, as a part of their prestigious fellows program.

As a fellow with Acumen in Pakistan, I came face-to-face with the truth that we live in a world of billion people problems; yet, I realized most social enterprises do not scale, thereby negating the very power of business. Upon completion of the fellowship, I joined the leader in high-impact entrepreneurship, Endeavor. Endeavor has reviewed 40,000+ entrepreneurs and helped 1,000+ entrepreneurs to create 250,000 jobs and $7 billion in revenues. I believe high-impact entrepreneurs are the greatest changemakers in our society today.

I recently launched a new company, BraveWave, with the goal of shifting the tide of market forces so that they create restoration instead of inequality. Business can do amazing things, but only when it is harnessed within a scalable model and managed by a strong set of values.

Joel Montgomery