Happy Thanksgiving

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Dear Readers, In January 2014, I started blogging again after a five year hiatus. I had a dream to uncover the secrets for running scalable values-based companies and desired to share those lessons with the world. I was unsure if … Read More

Creativity Needs Constraint

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One crisp fall afternoon during my freshmen year at Yale University, I passed through the Memorial Rotunda on to Beinecke Plaza to find a large group of people sitting on the white marble slabs immersed in some kind of performance. … Read More

Crazy is a Compliment

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I’m delighted to welcome Linda Rottenberg, Cofounder & CEO of Endeavor, to share some words of wisdom about the entrepreneurial journey. Linda just published her new book, Crazy Is a Compliment, which is chock full of lessons from the trenches. … Read More

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